Who We Are

Mariania landscapers

How did we earn our reputation as designers, craftsmen and caretakers of the nation’s most extraordinary landscapes?

Mariania landscapers
Mariania landscapers
Mariania landscapers

We seek essential, raw, human elements. Passion. Curiosity. Expertise. An unrelenting work ethic. We’ve built our culture from these renewable resources.

We hire and develop the top talent in the business. We train and challenge them. We grow them like trees. The landscape architects and designers.

Mariani Landscape employees in office
Colleen Barkley
Mariani Landscape employees

The builders and craftsmen.

Mariani Landscape employees in office

The caretakers and gardeners.

Mariania landscapers
Mariani Landscape gardening team
Mariani Landscape gardening team
Mariani Landscape employees

Together they design, build, plant and maintain beauty. We assemble the best resources available. Human. Grown. Quarried. Constructed.

Mariani Landscape landscaping team

Our associates say it all the time—that they’re a part of the Mariani family. What exactly do they mean?

At its core are three Mariani generations who built the business over sixty years from its humble beginnings to the country’s largest residential landscape company.

We now serve clients in multiple states with the industry’s best talent and resources. With impeccable service.

It’s been an extraordinarily effective model for our clients. It continues to be an unstoppable force in the industry.

Mariani Landscape service trucks at sunset
Vito and Frank Mariani

What Vito Mariani started with a single second-hand truck in 1958 on Chicago’s North Shore has now grown into a family of companies that continues to develop.

Vito Mariani
Hoffman project

And yet, as the work we do improves more lives and enhances beauty across an ever-expanding landscape, our operating principles remain rooted in the idea we started with—family comes first.

You and your family. And the Mariani family who will take care of you like you’re one of our own. We constantly find new ways to bring you outside, to amaze, to create the spaces where you live your best life.

What We Do


For over sixty years, Mariani designers and landscape architects have earned a reputation for creating extraordinary landscapes, creating the outdoor environments where you’ll make your happiest memories.


Frank Mariani is known for saying, “Our next project will be our best project.” That drives every member of Mariani’s design and build departments to deliver the expertise and reach for the creativity that brings a client’s vision to life. On every project.


Mariani hand-delivers comprehensive, residential maintenance care to our clients—from our complete property management programs to additional, specialty services. There is no substitute for the Mariani touch—our dedication to the details, sharpened expertise and relentless energy improves life and opens up amazing outdoor experiences for clients and their families.


Mariani provides concierge services to commercial clients, as well. These include home owner associations, corporate facilities, municipalities, retail environments, golf facilities and cemeteries.

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