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For over 65 years we have created and cared for the finest landscapes.

Landscape Is Family

For a multigenerational company with a legacy of family pride and commitment to perfection, it’s not surprising that many of our clients have been with us for generations. We’re proud of our history, which began in 1958 when Vito Mariani—an immigrant from Italy—bought a second-hand truck and began to serve Chicago’s North Shore with impeccable landscaping services. From a young age, Vito’s son Frank was active in the business and soon took over, growing Mariani Landscape into a premier company in greater Chicago and a widely recognized leader nationwide.

As we’ve grown, our core values remain the same: family comes first, and we want to take care of yours. How do we do that? By putting our purpose and mission into action every day, on every project.

We believe in connecting people with nature in a way that inspires and transports them. This is how we improve the world: one garden at a time.

A large mansion with a large lawn and steps.

Our Mission

Creating and caring for outdoor living spaces that are as unique as our clients, taking them to a place of pride and enjoyment.

A row of trees.

pursuit of perfection

Some would say there’s no such thing as perfection, but we would beg to differ. Perfection is our goal. We are creators and caretakers of unique outdoor living spaces that will change your life. Relentless in our pursuit of perfection, we continually raise the bar in professionalism, sharing our knowledge freely within the industry so that we can elevate the landscaping profession together.

Committed to our clients, connected with nature, grounded in family values…that’s the Mariani Difference.

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