Rooftop Destination

Extra steps are taken by the design/build team to create this rooftop oasis composed of gathering areas, a fire feature and an outdoor kitchen. The extra steps the visitor takes to come up to the roof and enjoy this escape make it all worthwhile.

Sometimes landscaping is used to accentuate something that is already present, and other times, it is used to create something new entirely. In this case, masterful design allowed our team to create a garden ambiance that feels as though it is grounded on land, despite being on a fourth-floor rooftop. The space possessed incredible views of the nearby market square and beautiful surrounding architecture, but what good are views when there is no good way to enjoy them? The clients hoped to create an outdoor space that felt like a backyard and would provide opportunities for their grandchildren to play. The path to realizing the clients’ vision would involve creating the area’s very first “green roof” project.

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Construction began – as it often does – with irrigation. We used the expertise of an irrigation contractor to ensure that all water lines were hidden from view underneath a system of platforms, which is what allows the garden to continue to flourish as easily as it would on the ground. Divided into three distinct areas, this marvelous location offers something for everyone: an adjoining outdoor kitchen and dining area, cozy seating, and a putting green. The dining area includes a casual dining table, umbrella, and a pergola, all of which is conveniently close to the grill for picturesque family dinners. A beautiful, sleek, modern fire table acts as a centerpiece for the seating area. The putting green is enclosed and private from other areas on the rooftop by boxwood hedges and colorful planters.

This wondrous location is tied together by impressive natural displays. The aforementioned green roof uses a sedum mix to create a self-sustaining environment in need of very little maintenance. Planters contain mixed perennials that add color and flair to the modern environment, while a pair of decorative trees (Japanese tree lilac and cornelian cherry) further ground the space. The numerous features are tied together by a spacious turf for visiting children to play on.

By using the landscape’s features to frame views from the rooftop, the design creates the illusion that the entire location is on the ground, rather than four stories above. Yet at the same time, any interested visitor is easily able to see the same magnificent views that the clients originally fell in love with. Should the clients ever wish for a respite from the mundane, they need only look up!

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