Multi-Level Living

This exceptional city gem that delivers outdoor rooms and inspiration on every level is seamlessly integrated with the homeowner’s appreciation of fine artistry.

It may be difficult to imagine a peaceful, private, and spacious residential location inside the exuberant city of Chicago, yet this location stands in defiance of such limitations. This is not to say that the redesign process was without its own unique obstacles: the complete utilization of space necessitated precision, and the nature of the property’s location made the creation of privacy a difficult endeavor. In coordination with both the architect and interior designer, Mariani was able to assist in the creation of a dynamic home for the growing family by fashioning a multi-level environment grounded in classical materials and detailed with whimsical touches.

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 As construction began, timing was of the utmost importance: much of the architect’s and landscaper’s projects occurred simultaneously, an undertaking made much more complex by the multi-level design which would become a hallmark of the project. The setting of Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood left little tolerance for deviations. On the ground level, we created a gathering spot containing a custom copper fireplace poised to radiate heat from the fire back into the seating area. An independent garden area features a contemporary round fire pit and seating area beneath a massive, custom mural that adds a blast of color to the side yard. A stone terrace built outside a set of French doors makes a charming setting for family dining. On the next level, a pied-a-terre sits just outside the master bedroom. On the rooftop is a covered gourmet outdoor kitchen complete with grill, pizza oven, refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, and a table ready to accommodate extended family and friends. An open-air family room connects to the deck, flanked by two hand-laid stone fireplaces and a copper water wall commissioned for the space.

The details are what truly make this space come alive. Though it may be hard to believe, the numerous attributes left ample space for the incorporation of gardens and planters. A birch grove separates the lower levels from the street, paired with a wall of evergreens on the opposite side to maintain privacy. Perennial flowers and grasses add texture to the garden areas, and wooden benches make for a verdant space for relaxation. A vegetable garden provides fresh ingredients and cultivates a healthy hobby.

Part of what made this project so successful was the client’s own optimism and openness towards experimental features. The site has since become an award-winning example of urban landscape design. The rigorous collaboration and creative reimagination of city living offers multiple unique experiences ranging from ping pong to s’mores. Green is present from top to bottom, in ground-level gardens and terraces replete with lines of flowering planters. The result is a bespoke yet functional home with opportunities to entertain, dine, and enjoy life with a growing family.

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