Man in high-visibility jacket and baseball cap stands outdoors in front of a truck, with trees and sky in the background.

Raul Z.

DEPARTMENT: Maintenance

DESCRIBE YOUR ROLE: I manage eight maintenance crews.

TIME AT MARIANI: 32 years, since 1990.

FIRST JOB HERE: I was a maintenance crew member with no experience when I moved here from Mexico. I moved up to Crew Leader-in-training, Crew Leader, and so on.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOUR JOB: I love to work with my crews every day, teaching them. And being in the gardens—I enjoy it every day.

FAVORITE THING(S) TO DO AWAY FROM YOUR JOB: Spending time with my family. I love to cook traditional Mexican Arrachera. Running and lifting to stay in shape.

A FUNNY THING: I made Frank Mariani laugh because I told him this company is like a university—you learn in both places, but here you get paid. Funny because it’s true.