A woman with long brown hair is smiling while standing in front of green foliage. She is wearing a black top with red floral patterns.

Mercy B.

Let’s all give a big internet applause for our very own Mercy Berg, the superstar of the Mariani Maintenance Admin Department!

Clocking in around 18 years with Mariani (wow!), she quickly made a name for herself in the maintenance billing game.

As our Administrative manager, she’s passionate about ensuring our maintenance team have everything they need, while also handling billing duties. Mercy brings the hustle to our fast-paced workflow, always flexing her problem-solving muscles. She told us that what really motivates her is the combination of seasoned wisdom and fresh ideas from the Mariani team!

We asked Mercy about her most memorable Mariani moment, and get this: she highlighted the time when we went full-on action movie style, deploying a helicopter to install a playhouse in a client’s backyard. Talk about a wild day at work!

Outside of work life, there isn’t really an ‘off’ switch for Mercy! She happily pours her energy into creating unforgettable moments with her kids.

Mercy, your Mariani family appreciates you, and we can’t wait to see what extraordinary feats you’ll pull off next. Here’s to many more memorable adventures along this journey!