A person in a dark green shirt stands confidently with hands on hips, in a well-lit automotive workshop with a car in the background.

Maria Esther G.

Position: Crew Member (summer), Quality Control (off-season)

Department: Maintenance

Describe Your Job: Planting, trimming, mowing, pruning, maintaining and servicing equipment

Time At Mariani: 3 years

Favorite Thing About My Job: I get to work outside, I get to work with great people in an environment where I don’t feel pressure. And the guys on the crew I work with always make me feel respected, like an equal.

Favorite Thing Away From My Job: I cook and clean to take care of my family. I dance to take care of me.

Parting Thought: I used to work in a manufacturing job. Every day was the same thing. My dad told me about Marani when he used to work here, that every day is different. My sister works here too, and she said the same thing. They were right. Every day IS different.