A man with glasses and a bald head is smiling while standing outdoors. He is wearing a dark polo shirt with a logo that says "Mariani". Trees and greenery are visible in the background.

Lee K.

POSITION: SVP Construction Sales

DEPARTMENT: Design and Construction

TIME AT MARIANI: 13 years plus

DESCRIBE YOUR JOB: Depends on the day. Most days, I try to keep everything moving forward so we can build great projects and take care of them long-term.

WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST JOB HERE: Director of Construction Project Management, managed the Project Management team

FAVORITE THING ABOUT MY JOB: I have two favorite things. First, the people I get to work with. Second, earning a client’s trust and then delivering the best project.

FAVORITE THING(S) TO DO AWAY FROM MY JOB: Spending time with family and friends is most important. I like to find ways to combine that with activities like golf, bike riding, cross-country skiing, etc.

A CRAZY MEMORY THAT HAPPENED HERE: One of my favorite moments was when a client was going to have the Cardinal over for dinner with a group of friends. Frank Mariani called me and asked how the place looks, I said the place looks fine—bad mistake. Frank drove over and walked around the property. He immediately called maintenance and, within an hour, 60 people were there installing groundcover in empty beds and doing the extra cleanup. I got two phone calls, one from the client who was really delighted with the work completed. (As devout Catholics I think they knew Frank was doing his best to get through the gates and St Peter. The extra cleanup for the Cardinal could only help.) The other call was from Frank. He was very brief and basically said, “Thank God you work in construction and not maintenance.”

ANY FINAL THOUGHTS: I think many people know for the last twelve years I have dealt with Cancer, always something I have been open about. I was told it’s the best kind of Cancer to have, the one that doesn’t spread nearly as aggressively as the other types. I used to go for CT scans every three months and worry way too much about the results, not enjoying life as much as I should. So now I focus on enjoying every day as much as possible.