A woman with glasses and short brown hair smiles while wearing a light pink polo shirt, standing in front of a green, leafy background.

Kristen R.

Say hello to Kristen R., or as we call her, Kristi.

Kristi has been a dynamic member of our team for over 5 ½ years now. She currently holds the vital role of Design Director of Enhancement Design in the Maintenance department, but her journey with us began as a Landscape Architect for Maintenance Enhancements.

Kristi’s remarkable expertise is in designing and selling landscape enhancements in partnership with our Client Representatives, primarily for our existing maintenance clients.

The thing she loves most about her position at Mariani? No two projects are ever the same! This keeps her work stimulating and rewarding.

When it comes to memorable moments at Mariani, Kristi fondly reflects on the incredible support she received from the company during her battle with cancer in 2022.

Away from her desk and paperwork, you’ll find Kristi unwinding in Michigan or cherishing quality time with her family and friends.

We’re honored to have Kristi as part of our team.

Stay tuned as we continue to share more profiles from our wonderful team!