A woman with long wavy hair wearing a red blazer smiles in an outdoor garden setting with greenery and flowers in the background.

Jenna P.

Position: Project Director

Construction / Design-Build

Time at Mariani: 
11 years

Describe your job:
I’m in a unique role. Some days, I’m deeply immersed in the intricacies of a drawing set, while on others, I’m meeting with clients on job sites or collaborating with fellow professionals to create tailored designs for diverse spaces.

What was your first job here:
Design Intern (later Landscape Designer, then Project Architect, now Project Director)

Favorite thing about my job:
When I put on my earbuds and delve into AutoCAD to transform ideas into reality, it’s a perfect blend of creative expression and technical expertise. Equally rewarding is the interaction with clients. Witnessing their vision materialize and knowing I contributed to its realization is job satisfaction at its best.

Favorite things to do away from my job:
Enjoy the outdoors with my family: Oliver (6), Quinn (4), and my husband Pete (41, haha). We love our tight-knit neighborhood full of fun friends and close family. Other activities close to my heart include fishing trips, beach vacations, destination concerts, preparing delicious meals, hosting parties, and side-by-side rides.

A great memory that happened here:

I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to unique places, including Lakeville, Connecticut; Bloomfield, Michigan; and Charleston, South Carolina, to name a few.

What inspired you to become a Landscape Architect?

College started with uncertainty, not knowing what direction to take. I loved art but didn’t want to be a full-time artist. I enjoyed the outdoors but didn’t want to be outside all the time. Then, a college advisor suggested Landscape Architecture, and after trying a few classes, I was hooked!

Final Thought:

I love being a part of a legacy company like Mariani, with its wonderful reputation and colleagues who make me proud every day.