A man with a mustache wearing a blue and white cap, a white T-shirt, and a black zip-up jacket, standing outdoors.

Frank V.

Position: Vice President, Construction Operations

Department: Design Build

Describe Your Job: Officially, I oversee construction, production and purchasing. I also solve the problems that come up in our infrastructure. I’m the guy who knows how to get things done.

Time At Mariani: I started here in 1979.

What Was Your First Job Here: I pushed a lawn mower on a maintenance crew.

Favorite Thing About My Job: We start fresh with every build project and at the end of the day, we have a beautiful new landscape.

Favorite Thing Away From My Job: Spending time with my family, my grandkids. I never miss their games.

Parting Thought: I’ve never looked for another job, for 42 years. People called. I could’ve made more money if I moved around. But I want to be a part of THIS family. I know what I have here.