Man with short dark hair wearing a white collared shirt and blue zip-up jacket, standing in front of green foliage.

Eliazar A.

POSITION: Renewals Manager

DEPARTMENT: Maintenance

TIME AT MARIANI: Three months, seventeen years prior to that.

DESCRIBE YOUR JOB: I get to meet with clients and see how the year has gone, see how the transition has gone for them. Sometimes it’s a good conversation, sometimes it’s a tough conversation. But it almost always ends up in a good place.

WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST JOB HERE: I was a Client Representative twenty years ago. I left, worked as an area sales director or a national company for three years and came back in September.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT MY JOB: I love interacting with clients. I love helping to fix a problem. My job gives me the opportunity to get out there and make our clients happy.

FAVORITE THINGS TO DO AWAY FROM MY JOB: I love being with my family, my five kids and two grandkids. Travel is now a hobby—mainly travelling to see my grandkids!

CRAZY/FUNNY? GREAT THING THAT HAPPENED HERE: I came back to Mariani because there isn’t another company out there that can have just about any request thrown at them, say, “We can do that” and actually make good on it.

FINAL THOUGHT: It’s great to be back in the Mariani family.