Dormant Pruning

Prepare For Growing Season

Let Mariani’s expert teams prune your shrubs, ornamental trees and hedges during the dormant season so they are ready to take off in the spring. By pruning when plants are dormant, we can better see the structure of the plant to perfectly shape its growth, reduce stress on the plant during pruning, avoid plant diseases that can be spread when pruning during the growing season, and stimulate new growth when spring arrives.

Dormant pruning can also increase light to interior branches for more even growth, and promote airflow throughout the plant to reduce the threat of fungal diseases. As we get into the growing season, the risk of disease increases, and can even be accelerated by pruning when the plant is actively growing. Why take that risk? Give your plants the care they need right now. By spring and summer, you’ll have more time to enjoy your garden in peak condition.


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