Automower Program

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Are you looking for a greener lawn? What if you could enjoy a freshly cut lawn every day, and at the same time, reduce noise and environmental pollution? The Mariani Automower Program is a fully automated, zero-emission, 100% electric green grass machine designed to keep your lawn in beautiful condition so that you and your family can enjoy more time outside, connected to nature.

Our quiet, energy efficient Automowers deploy onto your lawn every day, cutting less of the grass blade to eliminate the need for raking, bagging, mower refueling, or any of the messy activities associated with lawn care. Plus, our Automowers are self-sufficient, returning to their docks each night to recharge.

Our dedicated team monitors each Automower daily and responds quickly to any issues or service calls. At the end of the season, we’ll pick up your mowers, tune, perform diagnostic checks, sharpen and store them in a warm environment over the winter so they’re ready to reinstall in the spring. In addition to the Automower, you will continue to receive regular visits from your maintenance crew to cover edging, expert pruning and all your other property care needs.

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Getting started is as simple as these three easy steps:

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