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A unique fusion of art and nature, this ongoing rooftop garden project exemplifies meticulous craftsmanship that mirrors our client’s artistic vision. Through innovative landscaping techniques and devoted maintenance, we’ve cultivated a thriving garden that braves the challenging climate of an urban rooftop setting.

The landscaping of this distinct rooftop garden captures an artistic vision likened to a jazz composition. Owing to our client’s fascination for art, the maintenance standards reflect the timeless masterpieces spotted around the terrace. Detailed aspects like manicuring the Creeping jenny to follow a specified path or adding tiny weights to the birch branches for a cascading effect, convey our meticulous execution towards the client’s vision. A vivid representation of this vision includes the seasonal color management where we were tasked to find a geranium and begonia color identical to the orange colors of the space’s cushions.

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We encounter rigorous yet interesting challenges in maintaining this exceptional property. Issues such as accessibility restrictions and harsh weather conditions require careful streamlining. Coordinating with the building’s service providers, securing our work route with plastic and tarps, and diligently combatting the challenging climate of an eighteenth-floor rooftop on Lake Michigan highlight our persistent efforts to keep the site thriving. The garden’s maintenance activities include frequent visits to the site and assessing the weight limitations for plant growth. Furthermore, procuring specific plants compatible with the environment calls for our creativity.

While we recount our journey of seven years with this rooftop garden, we reserve the term ‘final result’ for this ever-evolving piece of artistry. Our diligent efforts have not only mirrored the client’s vision but also fostered a resilient relationship rooted in shared appreciation. Every meticulously detailed requirement, like ensuring every cabbage in a display reciprocates the spectator’s gaze, enhances our understanding of the client’s eclectic standard of maintenance.

Our journey with this rooftop garden, initiated with the initial construction project, has organically unfolded into fascinating discoveries. Strewn with astonishing sunrises, bird-eye views revealing geometric masterpieces, beautifully manicured plant traits, and ever-evolving green fascinators like morning glories and grapevines, the project is as diverse as it is exquisite. The continuous cycle of positioning plants and furniture, coupled with regular pruning, pinching, cleaning, and other grooming processes, ensure our garden thrives against all odds. Features like weaving moonflower vines and mandevilla through fences using fishing lines underscore the artful creativity of our maintenance team. As we navigate through this extraordinary artistic journey, our commitment grows stronger with each passing day.

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