A Perfect Marriage of Old And New

With a newly renovated, classically designed home paired with new contemporary architecture, comfortable outdoor spaces create a harmonious setting that unites them.

A Garden That Connects Two Worlds

This project presented an opportunity to create a landscape design that could establish a meaningful and lasting relationship between the more traditional elements of the home’s classic architecture, and the contemporary tastes of the family who lives here. Although the home had been recently renovated inside, it retained its exterior Cape Cod nostalgia. Creating comfortable outdoor spaces that integrated the existing home with the new lifestyle of an active family was key to the project’s success.

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We began with a strategic plan that included engineering (including new installations to solve massive drainage issues throughout the property), an edited color palette, and natural materials selected to echo the home’s soft hues. The overall design emphasizes the view over the rustic expanse of the adjacent golf course—the property’s natural focal point. We also opened the view across to the pool, where the turquoise water adds jewel tones to a subtle plant palette of blues, whites, and greens that create a harmonious display as the perennials bloom throughout the year.

To complement the asymmetry of the house, we brought symmetry to the garden, organizing joined elements by using more linear geometries closer to the architecture, becoming more organic as they move out into the garden. A series of outdoor rooms close to the house accommodate different purposes. These include an outdoor kitchen with al fresco dining and an intimate fire feature tucked beneath the Linden trees with an evergreen hedge for privacy.

Concrete patio planters and stonework in soft greys and tans transition the eye gently from the house toward vividly green lawns. Lush Hydrangeas loaded with white flower globes add geometric variety and are tucked close to the house, protecting them from harsh winter temperatures. The result is visual harmony between all spaces—old and new—and a kind of ease and flow that invites the family to experience a lifestyle of comfort, outdoors. 

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