Renaissance Revival

Creating intimate outdoor spaces complemented by lawn areas suitable for larger gatherings was among the objectives our design team delivered for the owners of this newly constructed home.

The owners of this estate home adored the pristine views of bright limestone and painted brick, but were conscious of their landscape’s incompatible state. Although the grounds would need to be redone, it was clear that the changes needed to be made in a way that reflected the ambiance of the house. Yet these changes also needed to be multifunctional: the dream was for a versatile space in the back of the home that could be enjoyed on both individually and when with company. The resulting landscape has been intentionally created to emulate the existing architecture through its design and plant varietals.

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The transformation began in the front of the residence with a spacious driveway. A pedestrian tunnel had previously been built to connect a separate garage to the main house, so all forecourt renovations were completed atop the feature. Using dark pavers to create incredible contrast, we created a symmetrical drive that guides the eye to the front of the house. Similarly, a symmetrical allée flanks each side of the drive, adorned with a line of linden trees. The back of the property mimics this artistic decision, where two small areas have been created by layered turf and hardscapes. On one side is a fireplace which creates warmth in the area next to a beautiful water feature. The second side mirrors the first, a synonymous counterpart with a twin fire feature centered in a comfortable gathering space. Onsite drainage was accounted for with a stormwater retention area, made subtle with careful grading.

Considerable effort was allotted to preserving existing trees on the property during construction, with the landscape’s inspiration meant to emphasize such important features. A combination of boxwood clouds and an impactful perennial border has become a riveting decoration to the upper turf area, transitioning to the lower level with framed steps that appear minimalistic amidst the colorful flora.

Today the property is an awe-inspiring combination of landscape and architecture. The final product is a versatile space that remains comfortable for the client on every occasion, and an artistic masterpiece that capitalizes on visual allure. The final piece ensured the home remained centric to the needs of the residents: a lighting system seamlessly integrated throughout the grounds for occasions that continue past sunlit hours.

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