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Immerse yourself in an English garden as it elegantly surrounds a breathtaking pool house, seamlessly blending rustic charm with a touch of formality. Step into an oasis where stunning design elements coalesce to offer unlimited leisure and beauty – from espalier apple trees to captivating flower beds teeming with vibrant colors.

When the owners of this property purchased the adjacent lot, they already had a vision for their new pool house. Luckily, their landscape designer was involved from the very beginning, and ensured a smooth transition throughout the construction process. They wanted a casual refuge that spoke to the style of the existing home, and they knew that they wanted an English garden. Our solution: surround the pool, the pergola, and the pool house in one large garden.

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From the front, the pool house puts on a disguise of formality: a circle of wooden lawn chairs gathered around a small fire pit and kept organized with bluestone chips. Already, the rustic theme peeks through in the form of rock chairs nearby. Rounded gardens reveal a gate to the back turf, and a matching fence that emanates countryside simplicity. This area is home to a vegetable garden, the first indicator of a less formal presence.

The landscape begins forming around an espalier apple tree, one of two on the property. A wide patch of turf gives way to the back patio, where opportunities abound. A hot tub, infinity pool, dining table, and bocce court promise endless fun and activity. A pergola houses a fireplace for cooler nights, as well as a hidden vault for pool accessories. The hardscapes, although expansive, are kept from being overpowering by allowing trees and turf to peek through.

But the most remarkable aspects of the property are the English gardens, which enclose the entire back area within a strip of alliums, blue mint, irises, daisies, lady’s mantle, and over thirty other plants for an exceptional display of informal color. The relaxed appearance feels haphazard yet charming, enlivening the area.

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