Modern American Gothic

Experience the transformation of a traditional farmhouse setting into a fusion of modern and gothic styles, carefully curated with a unique landscape design for memorable outdoor living. Intricate renovations, innovative design, and bespoke detailing brings this masterpiece to life, making it a dream venue for all occasions.

Landscaping often fills the role of “clothing” for a home. Just as clothes are methodically curated to suit a chosen style, so too is the landscape. This project presented a unique property that displayed a modern take on the traditional farmhouse. Hints of gothic flair are also present in the architecture, creating a distinctive premise for the exterior design team. It presented us with an opportunity to create an outdoor setting that not only complemented the home’s unusual style but also fulfilled the client’s desire for a perfect party venue. The challenge would be to craft a landscape that truly captured the essence of this modern masterpiece.

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Turning this vision into a reality required not just creativity, but also rigorous planning and execution. Much of the renovations took place on a repurchased lot that had previously contained a house of its own. The team’s first step was to remove remnants of the old structure – old foundations, loose gravel – pieces of the demolition needed to be cleared before the outdoor design could begin to take shape. The teams then transitioned to preparing the area by installing an underground drainage system to make the soil more hospitable. This set the stage for a dulcet assortment of flowering perennials: blankets of deep purple coral bells and dark-toned sedums pay homage to the broodier gothic qualities of the home, contrasting with the bright fields of decorative grasses intermixed with pastel alliums, chromatic irises, and effervescent coneflowers. A large lawn space was kept open and available for large outdoor parties. We also installed a vegetable garden for the clients, one of which is a passionate gardener. And to ensure a modicum of privacy from the city street, layered plantings of trees, shrubs, and mixed perennials were incorporated around the city sidewalk to provide soft screening without blocking views to the front of the house.

The back of the home boasts a plethora of activities. On a large gravel terrace is a complete outdoor kitchen, made using board-form concrete pavers, stainless steel grills, and black metal bar stools to add an industrial feel to the room. A few steps away is an outdoor TV and viewing area, centered around a dramatic fire table. The other side of the terrace houses a dark metal pergola, dining area, and a wood-burning pizza oven!

The result is a cohesive, stylistically compatible landscape that parallels the farmhouse structure of the home while also introducing an industrial theme to reflect its stygian gothic accents. The rustic design of the vegetable garden gives a modern edge to the property, an idea kept constant in the lighting features throughout the landscape. The true beauty of this home lies in the delicate balance between the gothic undertones and farmhouse style.

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