Mediterranean Restored

A pre-war Mediterranean classic has been brought back to her original beauty and enhanced with comfortable, modern outdoor spaces.

a landscape that embraces history

The initiative behind this landscape project represents a remarkable opportunity to revive the historical beauty of an art deco property emblematic of the design movement that originated in the 1920s and 1930s. To achieve this, the combined expertise of the house’s architect and the landscape designer was called upon. The recurrent shade of red ochre and geometric design create a striking silhouette that is both elegant and powerful. All that was missing for the client was an outdoor counterpart and a space to enjoy the company of family and friends.

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Redesigns were completed jointly. To revive its historic presence, the clay tile roofing was restored with architectural detailing that reinforces the house’s strong lines. To create fluid access to the outdoor spaces, French doors were added in the rear of the property, leading to a gravel terrace framed in luscious perennials. A nonchalant pathway of stone pavers takes visitors to a sophisticated dining area and a comfortable evening milieu complete with a grill, fireplace, and dining table, all housed underneath a cream white pergola.

The surrounding greenery was chosen to remain true to the property’s historic pedigree. A large lawn creates a resolute open area, hemmed in with a thick border of English perennials. Old growth and newly planted trees provide shade and privacy over of the property with a mix that includes Cornelian cherry, American elm, sugar maple, and white pine. An arborvitae border creates privacy around a fire pit near the lawn’s edge, creating an inviting yet separate gathering space.

The landscape exists in harmony with the strong Mediterranean architectural influence, while working with plant selections carefully chosen to thrive in a midwestern climate. The property’s silhouette commands the attention of passersby. From the red brick geometric hardscape leading up to the vintage wood front door, to the unique wooden planters filled with draping ivy, this is a landscape that embraces history while accommodating the needs of a family living in a modern era.

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