A person wearing a camouflage military uniform and hat, posing for a portrait against a dark background.

Timothy H.

POSITION: Workflow Developer


DESCRIBE YOUR JOB: I maintain our intranet site and service our internal applications.

TIME AT MARIANI: I’ve been at Mariani over 2 years, started with billing entry at Rocco Fiore & Sons

BEFORE THAT: I enlisted in the Army right out of high school. I was in from ’03 –’08. I served in Korea in the 2nd Infantry Division; the 5th Ranger Training Battalion, Camp Merrill, GA, assistant Cadre for the Mountain phase of Ranger School; 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, Kansas; Airbone, Jumped from C-130s and C-17s; Bradley Gunner; Winner of Soldier of the Quarter Honors.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT MY JOB: No two days are ever the same with computers! When IT software goes haywire and takes on a mind of its own, I get to put it back in its place.

CONNECTION: The team structures here remind me of the military unit structures we employed in the Army. It’s about working in a group, always taking pride in our work. And back then, we actually did what we called “area beautification”, which is essentially landscaping on post.

FINAL THOUGHT: I love working at Mariani because I love to be a part of a great team.