Inspired Lakeside Living

Harmonizing Nature with New England Elegance

Along the Lake Michigan shoreline, our team was tasked with creating the landscape for a home that embodies the spirit of a classic New England architectural gem. The result also needed to be a sustainable, perennial sanctuary that thrives year-round. This project was about more than enhancing a property; it was about weaving a narrative that connects the classic architectural elegance and bones of this home with the untamed beauty of its lakeside setting.

The Vision

Our clients envisioned of a home that not only blended seamlessly the private views of the lake their family enjoyed but also respected the panoramic adjoining shared space important to the rest of the neighborhood. The essence was to elevate a landscape that embraced the resilient beauty of nature, prioritized longevity, and celebrated open views without compromising privacy.

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The Design

The cornerstone of our design was the strategic selection of plant species of a classic vernacular—roses, hydrangea, lilacs, and crabapples. All species resonate with the architecture and underscore the theme that the setting calls for. Perennial plants were selected over annuals, ensuring the landscape’s vibrance throughout the seasons with minimal need for change. We employed an abbreviated palette of greens, whites, and lavenders to infuse tranquility and elegance into the gardens. Rugosa roses, known for their hardiness and sporadic flowering, lined the property, offering a low-maintenance yet aesthetically pleasing barrier against the lake’s whims and harsh seasonal conditions.

A series of crabapple trees were carefully positioned to enhance privacy for and from a nearby neighbor without obstructing the spectacular lakeside view. This thoughtful arrangement ensured that every house in the neighborhood retained its cherished view, underscoring our commitment to designing with a community-first approach.

The Challenges

Situated in a location that faced the full force of nature, the project demanded solutions that could withstand the harsh lakeside environment. For example, a natural breakwater is sculpted into the lawn, disguised as a gentle rise scaled with elegant turf steps from the patio. The grading plan and plant elections together were meticulously crafted to protect the property from the lake’s mercurial tempests in this part of the world.

The Result

The outcome is a serene and sustainable lakeside retreat that resonates with the timeless elegance of New England architecture. North Falmouth on fresh water. It’s a space that encourages outdoor living and interaction with nature, where one can find respite in the cozy nooks of greenery or entertain guests on the terraces that look out onto the peaceful lake. The landscape is a testament to the harmony between architectural intent and natural resilience, offering a haven for both the homeowners and the surrounding community.

Your Vision, Our Craft

Our mission is to transform your landscape dreams into reality, tailoring every project to reflect your personal style and the unique essence of your home. Let’s embark on this creative journey together and shape a space that tells your story.

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