A Work of Art

Embracing landscape as an art form, this lakefront property intertwines lush greenery, vibrant color and numerous amenities to create a stunning outdoor environment.

Landscaping is often an unmentioned art form, capable of transforming your environment like paint on a canvas. The owners of this property understand the powerful effects of outdoor design and take their landscape seriously. Their passion for authenticity, luxuriant greenery, and vibrant color is apparent in the striking appearance of their exterior living spaces. Upon purchasing an additional lot, these artful clients wished for an expanded garden to fill the space, one that built upon the existing ambiance of the property while accentuating its existing features. The remarkable outcome of this endeavor makes the property perfect for hosting and everyday appreciation.

The artistic experience begins with the approach, in this case the front drive. This feature ensures unparalleled ease with its convenient U-shape design and heated base. The focal point is a circular drive court surrounding a plot of boxwood clouds, enclosing a patch of fuchsia pansies. A network of pathways leads guests through the gardens, pausing at carefully curated locations such as a riveting double-sided fountain (one of many fountains tucked into the landscape). Open areas for large gatherings are placed strategically throughout the gardens, equipped with outdoor lighting and sound systems to create the perfect atmosphere. A large infinity pool, positioned so that the edge is almost indistinguishable from the waters of Lake Michigan, is a welcoming location on hot summer days, especially when a grill is close by.

These attributes are made much more enjoyable by the impressive garden displays on every inch of the property. Extensive boxwoods, pruned into perfect rectangular hedges or bubbly clouds, add structure and texture to the courtyards, as well as cushion limestone banisters along elevated terraces. These versatile shrubs are used to format space around interest pieces, often statues and fountains. A beautiful, grey-stained wooden pergola graces the space overlooking the lake, royal purple clematis winding up its columns to create an enchanting atmosphere. Yet the most eye-catching characteristic of the gardens are the thick ribbons of bright pink and white flowers that frame romantic garden pathways and playfully pop up amidst dark arborvitaes and evergreens. The color palette of white, pink, and purple is so strong, that over 50,000 plants are rotated annually to keep the color in its prime.

This home is a visually appealing property from front to back, situated inside a landscape that exudes romantic intrigue. The landscape is the final touch that converts the location into a finely aged paradise. It is proof that landscape is not simply a way to furnish your outdoor environment. It is an art form.

Blooms, Colors, & Serene Corners: Unearth the potential of your garden through meticulously planted and maintained flowerbeds to create a vivid, ever-rotating color palette.

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