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Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis

ILCA Award – Residential Construction Gold Award

On a busy Chicago street, a 2-story brick home sits amongst others of its kind, yet this homeowner desired an ‘oasis’ retreat and Mariani enabled them to realize their dream.  Even more challenging was the fact that the area to be improved was approximately 911 square feet.

In order to create depth and a visual change in elevation in the backyard, the grade was greatly lowered and a timber retaining wall was installed along the side property lines. A flagstone patio and walkway, above a gravel dry well, was constructed to create usable entertaining space. The terrace and walkway accepts all drainage by allowing water to penetrate through joints in the paving to alleviate flooding, all of which is hidden with the various plant materials and patio.

Hand selected plant materials were strategically placed throughout the garden to offer various points of focal interest.  Other plant specimens possessing silver, grey and white color tones were selected to allow the homeowner to view the garden during evening hours while illuminated by custom landscape lighting. Considered a “collector’s garden”, the landscape showcases nearly 75 varieties of plants.

Magnolia sunspire, mountain silverbell, and Kentucky coffee tree were used in the front landscape to create visual interest to the property, viewable from the street. A low stone wall and decorative garden fencing was constructed for the small parkway area.

The overall design incorporates a diverse palette of materials in a flowing layout creating a cozy rear yard patio. Mariani successfully turned this typical backyard into something extraordinary.

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