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The Country House Landscape Transformed

The Country House Landscape Transformed

In Wilmette, a home originally built as a country house more than 100 years ago has a new look outdoors. Set on the shores of Lake Michigan, the residence blends elegantly with its beachfront surroundings, incorporating formal and informal elements to create a spectacular outdoor living space in keeping with the grace and style of the home.

Over a ten-year period, Mariani worked with two different owners to complete two major renovations to the property.

Working with the first owners, Mariani was approached to renovate the front and rear yard of the property including the construction of the first beach house in Wilmette.  The initial house renovation included adding two wings to the rear of the home. Mariani then designed and installed a bluestone veranda with antique brick detailing to encompass the newly expanded addition.

The current owners approached Mariani for further renovation. This included the addition of an infinity edge pool and a waterfall dropping into a lower basin adjacent to a flagstone patio.

Playing off the Old World-historic feel of the house, the property showcases a formal front and rear terrace that transforms into a less-formal backyard toward the water. As a whole, the landscape is comprised of boxwoods, hydrangeas, a mixture of ornamental trees including crabapple, magnolia and Amelanchier accompanied by original horse chestnuts, hickory, maple and oak.

Aside from design and installation, Mariani also maintains the property, visiting twice a week.  The first visit consists of maintaining flower displays, containers and perennials. The second consists of mowing, pruning, and re-watering containers. This organizational skill, combining design, construction and maintenance, helps Mariani provide clients with unmatched results for lasting enjoyment.

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