We’re passionate about the environment, and have long been committed to practicing sustainability both in our fieldwork and in our home office.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is not a buzz-word at Mariani; we are active on many fronts to conserve resources and remain “green.”

A few of our sustainability practices include:

  • Collecting and recycling waste oil and service fluids
  • Lighting and fan timers in our office
  • Using 11% Bio-Diesel (soybean based) is all diesel equipment
  • New trucks equipped with automatic shut-down technology,
    existing trucks are maintained to ensure efficient operating standards
  • Larger crew deployment per vehicle


Along with employing sustainable practices in our offices and with our machinery, we also value stewardship of the land.

Some steps we take to ensure we treat the land as best as possible include:

  • Sourcing local plant materials when possible
  • Using certified organic fertilizers
  • Employing native plants in designs
  • Collecting, retaining, and recycling yard waste for redeployment as leaf mulch
  • Using Pest Management techniques to minimize pesticide use
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