Environmental Stewardship

The Mariani team is passionate about the environment, and has long been committed to sustainable practices and stewardship of the land, both in our fieldwork and at the home office. Sustainability is not a buzz-word at Mariani—in fact we are active on many fronts to extend resource conservation and to ensure being green remains a core competency.

• Full conversion to T8 lighting including new ballast & fixtures in our shop, back building and warehouse areas. Also employ LED lighting fixtures.

• Lighting and fan timers in numerous areas.

• Dedicated paper capturing and shredding services for offices.

• All waste oils and service fluids are collected and recycled – Certain chemicals are then reused in different secondary applications extending the beneficial impact of the recycling activities.

• We collect, retain and recycle yard waste for redeployment as leaf mulch.

• Other yard and waste materials that we don’t process and reuse are hauled off to a local licensed composting facility.

• We use 11% Bio-Diesel in all diesel equipment. This is soybean based.

• New trucks employ automatic engine shut-down technology.

• Existing trucks in fleet are meticulously maintained to ensure efficient and factory operating standards for specified emissions levels and longer vehicle life-cycles.

• GPS systems optimize route efficiencies, fuel usage and emissions impact.

• Larger crew deployment per vehicle provides further efficiencies in vehicle/crew/travel ratios.

• Our fertilizer programs are designed to reduce overall amounts of chemicals utilized. OneApp is applied only once in Spring and PolyOn is only applied twice annually.

• Appropriate and selected plant bed fertilizers used are phosphorus free. We provide and use certified organic fertilizers. We utilize licensed applicators when applying pesticides, growth
regulators and protectants.

• We do employ Integrated Pest Management techniques to minimize pesticide use in the environment.

• We source local plant materials whenever feasible.

• When renovating sites, we reuse the displaced materials where applicable in other suitable applications and projects.

• We employ the use of native plant species in designs.

Ask us about our commitment to sustainability… we care!