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Rediscovered Italianate Estate

PLANET – Residential Construction Grand Award

Despite issues faced in the design and installation of this 1928 Italian-style home, Mariani tackled this project using sustainable practices.

The width of the driveway was adjusted to create more green space. City civil engineers created two drain lines down to the lake which facilitated more water movement and French drains in the gravel chip driveway were installed. In addition, a brick wall was expanded to the width of the property to more clearly define the entrance. A palette of greens and whites softened the color of the home. The ash tree was treated and saved, and white pines were nourished and supplemented.

Three levels were created with bluestone: back patio, pool terrace and lake overlook. They were separated by formal plantings of boxwood and barberry to create parterres with weigelia and edged with colorful sedums. Large urns with boxwood and ivy anchored the corners of the pool terrace, and a pergola was created on the south side. The pool became a water feature with the introduction of arching jets. The steep slope next to it featured red daylilies, rugosa roses, and “Tardiva” hydrangeas to create a spectacular show of successive summer bloom.

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