Residential PORTFOLIO:

Private Residence, Glencoe

The owners of this unique residence challenged the design team to create an “Alice in Wonderland” feel which needed to be designed and built in less than one year to accommodate a wedding.

In the upper terrace, three large Kentucky coffee trees were planted to provide dappled shade and scale to a courtyard that left people feeling dwarfed by the massive home. Paving patterns were designed and installed featuring concentric circles to reinforce the planting beds that were circular in the upper courtyard.

Large solid slab stones, steps, and a water rill create the grand stairway which leads to the pool area. Part of the staircase ties into an overlook that provides views over the entire garden.

The spa and pool are finished with a Caribbean blue tile that creates a luxurious and immediately relaxing atmosphere. The pool is surrounded by Iowa stone decking that tie into the house. An entertaining area features a pergola and a wood fired pizza oven, refrigerator and barbeque grill as well as a surrounding garden seat wall. Lush planting creates a quiet nook for casual relaxation by the pool.

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