Mid-Century Mastery

Our client wanted to create two areas on different sides of the house—a lush, welcoming pool environment surrounded by garden color and a rustic yet refined comfortable outdoor room perfect for enjoying end of day light and ambience.

In 1957, Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned by an affluent interior designer to build a home atop a wooded hill forty miles northwest of Chicago. It is composed of classic Wright features including long, horizontal window bands, a low roof blanketed with cedar shakes, and a massive brick chimney. Fast forward sixty years later to the current owners who commissioned another masterMariani Landscape Design Principal Tony LoBello. The brief was to design a landscape that belongs, looks like it’s always been, and will last for a long, long time. It hits all the marks—it not only complements and supports the vision of the architect without upstaging his mastery, it adds a dimension of natural beauty that enhances the experience. LoBello’s design plays off the lines and the architectural geometry, creating outdoor living spaces that extend from the building, inspire the inhabitants, and connect back to the original architectural vision. Take a tour of this one-of-a-kind space and see the work of masters.

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