A smiling man and woman stand close together outdoors. The man holds a small potted plant. The woman has red hair and wears a white dress. Trees and a wooden fence are visible in the background.

Javier S: Production Coordinator
Jessica S: Purchasing Assistant

Javier S. Maintenance Department. & Jessica S. Purchasing Department

Time at Mariani: 
Javier S: Joined Rocco Fiore and Sons in 1997 before the merger.
Jessica S: 1 year and eight months.

Describe your job:
Javier S: 
As a production coordinator, I have great responsibility, overseeing six crews(groups) while operating maintenance services. We visit job sites regularly to ensure the quality of our work reflects our craftsmanship. I communicate with client reps/ territory admin for new updates before scheduled services. I monitor production hours and allocate material.

Jessica S: I’m part of the Hardgoods area, so I create/receive POs, assisting my department with all plant change orders for Maintenance, Enhancements, and Construction, and occasionally ordering Hardgoods material for the Production and Construction Dept. Inspect the planters for any defects/damages upon their arrival. Ensuring all invoices/statements are entered/received for Month’s end.

What was your first job here:
Javier S: I started as a Crew Member at Rocco Fiore & Sons. Over the years, I gradually started moving up positions.
Jessica S. Purchasing Assistant

Favorite thing about my job:
Javier S: My absolute favorite part of my job is seeing the satisfaction of the client’s faces with their property. At the moment, Levin Property is one of my proudest works.
Jessica S: The planters are my absolute favorite, with different colors and styles. Once in a while, Bad Bunny (wild cottontail rabbit) would hop around outside my window.

How does working in the same company impact your father-daughter relationship?
Javier S:
It impacted our relationship positively by building this beautiful bond. I get to see my daughter flourish.
Jessica S: The bond I share with my father has been greatly strengthened by our experiences. His hard work and dedication have instilled in me a deep appreciation for him and all that he does. I am filled with gratitude for being his daughter; I cherish our connection more than anything in the world. Working in the landscaping industry has allowed me to see my father in a new light, deepening my admiration for him and all he has done for our family. His ability to provide for us and instill strong family values and work ethic in me make him not just a parent but also my best friend – my favorite person in the world. My BFF!!

Can you share a memorable moment or funny story from working together?
The most memorable moments would be when my daughter surprises me with drinks or when we
have our lunch dates.
Jessica: My father surprised me with flowers and balloons for my birthday.

If you could temporarily swap roles within the company, would you? Why or why not?
Javier S: I wouldn’t swap roles with Jessica. I enjoy the outdoor spaces and communicating with reps and clients.
Jessica S: I would love to be his mini minion. If I had an opportunity to shadow my father as a Production coordinator, I’d say yes.