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Mariani Maximizes Outdoor Living

Mariani Maximizes Outdoor Living

ILCA Gold Award — Residential Design and Installation

Four years ago, a LaGrange family moved into an Arts and Crafts style home, built circa 1911, situated on a corner lot of less than an acre. The family sought a landscape with privacy and great outdoor living space for their four children.

The Arts and Crafts movement evolved in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to promote and revive handicrafts in the face of growing industrial mass production. According to the client, Mariani architect and project manager Tony LoBello exceeded the family’s expectations in designing, installing and maintaining a landscape consistent with this distinctive genre.

The yellow stucco home and its new addition required specific materials to maintain color harmony and design integrity. Some existing trees needed to be preserved. A swimming pool with a fountain was installed and trimmed with old-looking limestone coping. The covered patio, walkways and the pool deck were constructed of old brick and limestone.

The sports court provides the children with ample opportunity for activity. Trees provide the privacy between the sports court and the pool.

A parking court was built at the rear of the home. The relatively flat lot required a 13-foot excavation to accommodate the construction of a staircase from the basement to a privacy-screened hot tub. Another staircase was added to provide access from the house to the main portion of the garden.

Tall columnar European beech, pear trees and thin wintergreen arborvitae were planted. Shrubs and perennials popularly used in 1910, including lilacs, snowmound spirea and hydrangeas were chosen to add color. The success of this challenging project is testimony to Mariani’s historical research, expertise and commitment to the client’s vision.

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