Residential PORTFOLIO:

A Prairie-style Landscape

A Prairie-style Landscape

ILCA Gold Award – Residential Landscape Construction

Influenced by a newly constructed home’s prairie-style architecture, Mariani carried the prairie theme into the landscape and created private outdoor spaces for a home within close proximity to neighbors. Using bold textures and sweeps of color pulled from the color palette inside the residence, Mariani carefully placed planting groups to create visual interest while providing privacy and scale for the home. The landscape transitions from unique plantings to native plants from the front of the home to the backyard. “We replaced non-native plants with a palette of prairie plants and perennials to make the property look larger and allow views of the stream behind the home,” says landscape architect Tony Lobello. “The prairie-style of the landscape blends seamlessly with the gardens and invites visitors to enjoy planned views of the stream.” Hardscapes for the landscape were designed as an extension of the residence to create a sense of place and curved brick walls line the driveway and lead to a large planter at the front of the residence.

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