Rose Care

The rose is the masterpiece of all flowers, and a beautiful rose garden can be the centerpiece of your property. Whether you enjoy your stems on the vine or cut in a vase to fill your home with the beautiful fragrance, the enjoyment of nature’s most perfect flower is something that shouldn’t be missed.

But roses are also finicky plants that need to be carefully nurtured and cared for to look their best. Our Premier Rose Care Program helps you have a rose garden that is an inspiration for you and the envy of your neighbors. Our dedicated team of specialists will visit your property weekly to maintain your roses with a full suite of solutions. This includes regular pruning to ensure your plants are full, healthy, and covered with blooms throughout the season.

To keep your hybrid tea roses in the best health, we make fifteen applications of fertilizers and specialty treatments, plus hilling, unhilling, and deadheading during the 26 weekly visits we will make through the season. Our rose care is managed in-house by one team to ensure the best quality of delivery. For lower-maintenance shrub roses, we offer a basic program composed of twelve visits to promote their health. Our rose care programs ensure every variety of rose in your garden flourishes throughout the season.

To get started, simply schedule time with your Client Representative for a rose assessment. We’ll craft a detailed rose care program, and schedule your services once you are happy with your program.

rose care

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