Natural Areas / Wild Spaces

What Makes Natural Areas Unique?

Natural landscapes—the prairies, savannas, woodlands, wetlands, bluffs, and ravines here long before us—require special care and knowledge to maintain their natural state. We can help. The Mariani Natural Areas team has all the tools and expertise to help you maintain and preserve natural areas that already exist on your property. We can also help you “rewild” areas of your landscape into breathtaking sanctuaries where pollinators and other native animals thrive.

Unlike many formal gardens, natural areas and native plants provide year-round interest, connecting you with nature as you observe plants bloom and change according to the season. Native areas literally bring nature to you, as pollinators and migratory birds seek out the nutrients they can only get from these unique plant species. Because they are adapted to the local climate, native plants do not require as many resources, such as fertilizers and precious water. Planting nature helps nature.

But natural areas require specialized care. Wild spaces can quickly become overgrown by invasive species, or degrade to the point where a costly and disruptive restoration is required. In some cases, local land use regulations mandate that wild spaces receive proper care.

Mariani landscape team

Our Stewardship Program

Our Natural Areas Team can make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly stewardship visits as required to ensure your landscape is healthy, free from invasive species, and remains an attractive space for birds, butterflies and other pollinators.

Our Comprehensive Stewardship Program is supervised by specialists with certifications in multiple disciplines of natural areas conservation. Our techniques span the use of chemical, mechanical or hand-pulling techniques to manage natural areas. Our services include:

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